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Dentures are a remarkably useful dental technology, offering patients with missing teeth a viable and effective replacement. That being said, dentures are subject to some restrictions which has led to the development of modern denture stabilisation techniques. Traditional, removable dentures can possess bulky bases which can obstruct a person’s speech, taste buds, and all round comfort. They can also slip, causing discomfort and sores as they rub against the gums, and can also become an inconvenience as you need to remove these dentures regularly for cleaning.

Permanently stabilising your dentures with dental implants can address all of these issues, and effectively improve every aspect of the workings and comfort of your dentures. To achieve this end, titanium based implants are inserted into the jawbone where they are left to fuse. After the implants have successfully fused with the bone, they can be used to fix dentures in place, conferring long lasting stability and effectively mimicking the functions of the roots underlying our natural teeth.

At Trinity Fields Dental a range of dental stabilisation options are available to suit your particular needs.