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6 Month Smiles falls under the category of fixed braces and is a discreet (tooth coloured brackets and wires) orthodontic braces system that focuses on straightening only the front 6 to 8 teeth (i.e. only the teeth that show when you smile). This means the treatment is much faster than conventional orthodontics, which focuses on all of your teeth. 6 month smiles can be used to treat crooked teeth, misalignment, unsightly gaps, or a misplaced midline. As the name suggests, 6 Month Smiles is a quick procedure, with most results achieved in 6-9 months.


The 6 Month Smiles procedure

The first step is to book a free initial consultation.Be sure that we are reasonabley close to work or home, as you will need to attend several appointments over the course of your treatment.

The 6 Month Smiles consultation

During your initial consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and may take some photographs and X-rays. She will discuss the likely outcomes, timescales and possible problems you may experience during the treatment. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and discuss the costs of your 6 Month Smiles treatment.


Diagnostic records and fitting your 6 Month Smiles brackets

If you decide to go ahead with the proposed treatment plan, an impression (mould) of your teeth will be taken and, based on this, the 6 Month Smiles laboratory will fabricate a template / guide for the dentist to position the brackets and wires in the precise location on each tooth.

The dentist will attach your 6 Month Smiles braces using special dental glue. The brackets and wires are tooth-coloured and barely noticeable, making this a discreet and painless way of regaining a confident smile.

Progress is reviewed 5-6 weeks and adjustments are made

The position of your teeth will alter rapidly over the next few months, meaning that you will need regular check-ups. Every 5-6 weeks your braces will be adjusted and you may need interproximal reduction (IPR) to ensure that your treatment goes smoothly. Interproximal reduction is a procedure whereby a small amount of enamel is stripped between 2 teeth that are touching to create the space required for them to move. Over the treatment time your teeth will move into the position intended by your treatment plan.

Treatment is complete and retainers are fitted

Once your treatment is finished and your teeth have moved to their final position you will be given a retainer, which is either a removable appliance to be worn at night and a thin wire fitted to the back of your teeth. A retainer ensures that your teeth do not move back into their previous position. These need to be worn for life.

What are the advantages of 6 Month Smiles?

  1. 6 Month Smiles braces work at a much quicker rate than traditional braces treatments, which can often take 2-3 years to accomplish the same cosmetic results.
  2. They are ideal for anyone who needs to straighten their teeth quickly in time for a particular event, such as a wedding.
  3. The tooth-coloured brackets and wires enable the procedure to be completed with the utmost subtlety and they are discreet at a social distance
  4. The cost of 6 Month Smiles is less than longer brace treatments because fewer visits to your dentist are required.

What are the disadvantages of 6 Month Smiles?

  1. They are not as discreet as clear brace options such as Invisalign and are visible from close up.
  2. During the first few weeks of wearing 6 Month Smiles, you may feel some discomfort and your speech may be mildly affected. However, these problems generally disappear once you become accustomed to the brace.
  3. 6 Month Smiles are not suitable for severe orthodontic problems, in which case other fixed braces may be more suitable with an orthodontist.
  4. Cleaning your teeth becomes more difficult whilst wearing 6 Month Smiles.
  5. It does not treat the entire arch like comprehensive orthodontics and so may cause problems with your bite.


How long does treatment with 6 Month Smiles take?

As the name suggests the treatment is usually complete within 6 months. However, the exact treatment time varies between individuals and in some cases can take a little longer than 6 months and others as little as 4 months. This time period is a lot quicker than comprehensive orthodontic treatment, which can take 2 years or more, but it is important to understand that 6 Month Smiles only treats the teeth that show when you smile and not the full arch.

Do 6 Month Smiles braces hurt?

There may be some mild discomfort during the initial few weeks, but this will disappear once you are accustomed to the braces. Painkillers such as paracetamol should help but if you experience severe pain contact your dentist immediately.

Will 6 Month Smiles affect my speech?

At first your speech may be affected as your mouth adjusts to wearing braces. This usually subsides within a couple of weeks.

How much does 6 Month Smiles cost?

The price you pay for 6 Month Smiles braces will depend on several factors : how complex your case is, if you need to correct the upper teeth, lower teeth or both arches and the experience of the practitioner carrying out your treatment.

Typically the cost of 6 Month Smiles treatment ranges from £1800 to £3000 (prices may be per arch) . Contact us for our latest offers . See the Six Month Smiles Testimonials:


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