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Oral Cancer Screening

At all routine dental check ups, we check the head, neck and soft tissues inside the mouth for any visible signs of cancer. Now, with the Microlux DL , we can detect suspicious areas within the mouth earlier.


As with most serious diseases, early detection is the key to successful outcomes. Unfortunately, the problem with oral cancer is that approximately 70% of the time it is not visible to the dental professional until it has reached an advanced stage. Microlux DL technology assists us in seeing abnormal tissue in the mouth, before it is plainly obvious.

As Microlux DL passes over oral tissue that has been treated with the rinse solution, normal healthy tissue will absorb the light and appear dark, abnormal tissue will appear white. The purpose of using Microlux DL is to identify tissue changes at their earliest stage; once abnormal tissue has been identified it is up to us to determine what the appropriate next steps are.

It is practice policy to offer during all check-ups an elective oral cancer screening test