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Clenching and Migraine relief

What Is It?

NTI Tension Suppression System

NTI splint is a device that prevents medically diagnosed migraine pain, tension-type headache, and jaw disorders (“TMJ”), without drugs or surgery, through the reduction of trigeminally innervated muscular activity.

Migraine Prevention — Headache Prevention

The N.T.I. Tension Suppression System is a prefabricated polycarbonate matrix that a dental practitioner retro-fits to the patient’s teeth. It is completely different from any other type of mouthpiece.

Isn’t it too small and easily dislodged?

No, the NTI device is retro-fitted over un-prepared teeth with cold-cure acrylic. The practitioner must relieve the internals to provide for a snap-in fit, without strain or pressure on the teeth. The patient must make a dedicated effort to remove the device. If the patient is able to remove the device without using their hands, then it should be re-lined or/and made to fit additional lateral teeth for added retention.

Are there age restrictions for treatment with NTI-tss?

While every dentist has certainly heard parents complain of a very young child who grinds their teeth while sleeping, the Standard NTI-tss device is best suited for permanent teeth. However, for children without permanent teeth who are symptomatic resulting from muscular parafunction, a custom NTI-tss type device can be fabricated.

How long should a patient expect the NTI-tss device to last?

The duration of the NTI-tss device is dependent on the intensity of the patient’s grinding, not clenching. If a patient is an intense grinder, over time they may develop a divot in the Discluding Element of the NTI-tss. This situation would simply require periodic filling and smoothing of the divot.

How soon should the patient expect to see the presenting symptoms subside?

Subsiding symptoms are directly related to the degree and longevity of each individual’s condition. However, it is not unusual for some patients to report significant relief overnight; others usually within two to four weeks.

Most Frequently Asked Patient Questions/Concerns

I’ll swallow it.

Made properly, the NTI device cannot be removed without using your hands.

My teeth will supra-erupt . . . because they do not touch in the back

The device can not be worn while eating;
Teeth can not supra-erupt since the teeth are stimulated by eating (the NTI-tss matrix is NOT worn during/while eating)
Periodontal ligament that surrounds the root and holds the tooth in place – if this ligament is stimulated (exercised) it will continue holding the teeth in correct position.

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